Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shining Jack-o-Lantern Paper Plate Craft

Happy Sunday!

With this being the Sunday before Halloween we created these paper plate Shining Jack-o-Lanterns to remind us that God shines His light through us.  It was a perfect opportunity to explain to the kids that Halloween is about fun times and use it as a teaching moment.  

To give the jack-o-lantern the 3D effect glue or staple each plate backwards (to give sort of a bubble or open area between the plates).  

Every year my students love making these Shining Jack-o-lanters. So Fun!

Paper plates are one of my favorite materials to craft with.  I usually pick them up at the dollar store to keep on hand for crafting with my students. 

paper plates
black marker
yellow card stock or construction paper
brown construction paper or cardstock
orange crayon

Glue yellow circle on paper plate opposite of face; attach/glue brown stem in place. 
Attach face with glue or staple for additional hold.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Creation Story ~ God Gives Us Animals (A Treat for the Birds)

As we continue our lessons on the Story of Creation this week we learn that God Gives Us the Animals to fill the beautiful earth.  At the beginning of Creation we already learned that God created The World, The Sun, Moon & Stars and also divided the world into Land & Sea.  This week we learn that God gave us Animals.  Animals can be soft, furry, tall, short, fat or skinny.  Some animals are our pets at home or we go to visit them at the zoo, beach, farm or other fun places.

Lesson - God Gives Us Animals
Snack - Animals Crackers
Craft - A Treat for the Birds & Paper Bag Animal Puppets
Coloring Page - Animals

We had 2 crafts this week including making a Treat for the Birds to hang outside and we also created Paper Bag Animals -- and made puppets out of them.

A Treat for the Birds 

  • bagels
  • peanut butter
  • birdseed
  • string

We dumped a little birdseed out on a paper plate.  Tie string through the hole of the bagel and knot at the top for hanging.  Spread peanut butter on one or both sides of the bagel and dip into the birdseed.  Place outside on a tree limb or other hanging spot as a special treat for the birds.


I found some free Paper Bag Puppet printables {here} and printed out several ones of the face (for time purposes).  I let the children could choose which one they would like.

Paper Bag Animal Puppets
  • brown lunch bags
  • paper bag printable from here
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue
Color animal, cut out and assemble animal accordingly.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creation Story ~ God Gives Us Land (Fun Foam Plant Pokes)

The creator of Fun Foam is a pure genius because it is one of the best craft materials for small children (in my humble opinion)  You can find Fun Foam in the craft section is a variety of colors and designs.  Its color doesn't fade and it's easy to cut, glue and make cute little projects with.   Perfect for little hands to manipulate.
Since I have a class of boys and girls I had both flowers and sport balls for the children to choose from to make their plant poke. Of course, all of the girls chose the flowers and most all of the boys chose the sports ball.  So funny!
When planning a craft project for my students I've found it helpful to have everything ready to go where they only have to do up to 2 more steps during class.  
Last night I decided to add a cute smiley face to the center of the flower and my Peachy Keen faces were the perfect choice.  To ensure it wouldn't smear if it gets wet I used Black Staz On ink.  I stamped the faces onto fun foam and then used my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter to cut out the faces.  
The fun foam is too think for a circle punch. :(  
I had everything ready to go where all the children had to do was pick 2 flowers or balls for their plant poke.  
I gave them each a paper pennant to color and cut out for their stick. 
{freebie} - right click and save to your computer.
Insert as a picture into a document as many times as you need to.  Print and cut.  :)

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