Craft Ideas!

One of the most inexpensive decorating crafts supplies is paper plates.  The web is filled with numerous ideas for creating the perfect Sunday School craft including fish or other animals, flowers, pumpkins, angels, pockets, books, puppets, people and more.

Here are some fabulous images I found searching  {click here}

Other fabulous sites:
◆ Busy Bee Kids Crafts


  1. I am so excited that you have started this blog. I will be happy to start sharing some of the crafts that I do with my Sunday School Class. I teach 0-6 years old. Love it and can't wait to share ideas!!!

  2. I've used paper plates for my Daniel in the lions pit lesson for years. Just punch holes along the edge and tie a long piece of thick yarn to one hole. The kids then weave the yarn through the holes (great small motor) to create the lion's mane. Then they color in the face. I like to use scissors to cut out eyes so they end up as masks for the kids to wear. They love roaring around the room... which in turn created a game where one kid is Daniel and when he pets a roaring lion they lay down quiet. SO much fun!