Sunday, September 25, 2011

God Made the Sun Paper Plate Project!

As our class continues to learn about Creation we learned that God divided the darkness calling the daytime "light" and the darkness "night".  The sun provides daytime light and the moon and stars provide night time light.  This is one of my favorite projects I do with my students and I'm happy to share it with you.

My "big" boy is a great helper with my class!  The kids just love him!!! 

My sweet boy -- he definitely loves craft projects!  :)


  • paper plates
  • yellow yarn
  • yellow construction paper
  • face for sun -- see below for template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • hand held hole puncher
- for triangles (sun rays) - cut triangles out of yellow paper.  How many will depend on how many you want to put around each sun.
- punch 2 holes at the top of paper plate and attach yellow yarn.
- ask each child to color the face yellow before they attach to the paper plate (cut out the sun)
- attach yellow triangles (sun rays) to the plate and then glue on the sun's face.  

*extra tip* You can also add yellow crepe paper (2 strips) on the bottom of the sun (just staple to the bottom of the plate).  I've done this in the years past but didn't have any yellow crepe paper on hand.  

click to enlarge - then right click and save to your computer. Print and make copies for your class.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

God Made the Whole World Project

Welcome to our first project here at Mrs. Wellmann's Sunday School Class…..

Here is a great project you can do with your students (or kids) -- to remind them that God made the whole world and He made all things in it.

If you have a cricut machine, Give a Hoot cartridge has the perfect land designs for the globe/earth.  If you do not I found a template here you can cut out with scissors and trace onto green paper.

  • paper plates
  • green card stock or green construction paper
  • glue
  • blue crayon
  • Give a Hoot cricut cartridge - page 50 or use this template here.  

Have each child color the plate with blue crayon to signify water

Glue "land" pieces onto paper plate.  

Write "Thank you God for the World!" on bottom of plate.

Encourage the children to write or draw things on the back of the plate
that they like to see in the world.  This helps us remember to
thank God everyday for these gifts.  

Even more Craft ideas here!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Teach Sunday School Tips!

I found these awesome tips from and thought I'd share.  Sometimes I find myself over planning or under planning.  The most important thing I've learned is to be prepared and keep their little minds active.  This is one reason I started this blog was to help myself as a Sunday School teacher and share ideas with others.

As shared on the website {here}….
“Sunday Schools” were first established in the 1700′s in Britain to educate poor children on how to read and write. These children worked six days a week, were very poor and many were starving.
Today, public school systems teach our kids the “three R’s” but little about God or His Word. Enter the Sunday School teacher!
If you’ve decided to become a Christian educator, you are joining the ranks of a long, proud line of selfless servants who love God and kids. If you are learning how to teach Sunday School, there are some practical keys you should know. Once you have the basics, read our next article on becoming an awesome Sunday School teacher.
1. Know the ages of your children. The curriculum may cover several ages or grades but to really grab kids’ attention, you’ll need to apply the “Minute Rule.” If you teach 8-year olds, you have eight minutes to cover each section. If you teach 6-years, you’ll have 6 minutes. Keep the material appropriate for the age of the children.
2. Use the Bible translation preferred by your church. Some churches may prefer King James Version others may like teachers to use the New International Version. Double-check before you begin teaching.
3. Prepare ahead of time. Kids that see their teacher unprepared and unorganized will translate that to “She really doesn’t care about the class, or me.” Don’t wait till the night before or the morning of class to go over your listen. You’ll need time to gather your supplies and pray over the lesson.
4. Include a variety of activities. Don’t plan to talk the entire time. Kids need interaction, they like stretching their muscles. Include a section for physical movement, crafting and expressions of worship. This should be part of your weekly curriculum.
5. Promote attendance by using special charts or posters. Place star stickers next to each child’s name when they attend Sunday School. Use incentives for attendance like small prizes or fun activities.
6. Arrange the room in a kid friendly manner. Kids need the appropriate tables and chairs for comfort. Also, decorate with bright colors that draw kids’ eyes. Use cut out decorations like scenes from the Bible on a bulletin board or taped to the walls. Have Bible puzzles and coloring materials on tables waiting for kids who are early.
7. Use music. Play music softly in the background during the welcome portion of your Sunday School class. This sends a signal that class is about to begin.
8. Stick to the curriculum.  Some Sunday Schools teach the same subject to all grades at the same time. Don’t “go rogue” if you are having difficulties. Communicate with your Sunday School Superintendent. Let someone know if the curriculum is inappropriate.
9. Pray before the class and in the classroom. Incorporate an opening prayer and closing prayer into the lesson.
Sunday School is a wonderful way to educate children about God and His Word. Take some time to get to know the children and build relationships with each one. Kids love the teachers that love them!
Read more about Mimi at her website, Encouragement for Christians.

Jesus Loves Children

Kindergarteners know a lot -- believe me but there are many things they don't know or understand.  Like, how can God know our every thought, know when we are sad or happy, how does He know when we make a mistake or tell a lie?  Hmm…one of the most important things I teach my class is to know that God is with us everyday --!  Morning, noon, and night.  At school, home, in the car, at the movies, riding our bike, and even when we are sleeping, yes, God is watching over us.  When we make a mistake we say we are sorry.  When we hurt someone we say we are sorry.  We try everyday to do our very best and that makes God very happy.

Image courtesy of Turn Back to God

One of the first things I ask them in class is what if Jesus walked into the room right now -- what would you say to Him?  What would He say to you?  Do you know He would know your name.  Yes, He would.  What do you think He would be wearing? (answers are funny), what do you think He would ask to eat? (more fun!).  Jesus Loves Children!  In fact, there was a time when He lived on earth just like you and me.  Yes, He walked everywhere (this is when I tell them that there were no bikes, skateboards, cars, airplanes, or buses).  Yes, Jesus was a kid and grew up to be a strong man.  He would walk around telling crowds of people all about God's love.  Many people would hear that Jesus would be speaking and would crowd around him.  Then I ask them if they have every gone to a concert, maybe a mall, a rodeo, somewhere where there are large groups of people.  That is what happened when Jesus would speak.  Crowds of people would come from everywhere -- yes, just to listen to Him speak.  WOW!  But you know what?
Jesus loved having all of the big people (adults) come and listen to Him speak but one day there were lots of children that came to hear Him speak and some men said:

"Go away.  Jesus is too busy!"
What did Jesus say?  What did Jesus do?
Jesus said "Let the children come to me."
Jesus smiled.
Jesus hugged the children and He blessed all of the children.

Jesus wants us to come to Him.  He wants you to talk to Him and He wants to bless you.

Image courtesy of Turn Back to God

Jesus watches over us when we sleep!

Class Notes for Parent's Information

One of the things I like to do is send home a class note in each child's folder.  This class note is just a quick over view of what we did in class so the parents will have an idea as well as a little information to ask their child questions about.  As parent we all get the "I don't know" or "nothing" answer when we ask our children "what did you learn in sunday school today?  This note just keeps the parents involved as well as informed of what we're learning about.

Since I am a procrastinator I usually handwrite in the spaces while the children are doing their lesson but you can definitely type up the notes, have them printed and ready before class begins.

graphics by Scrappin' Doodles

Thank You Prayer!

As I was browsing Pinterest I spotted this wonderful prayer which led me to the French Toast Girl blog that is sharing it…..  :)