Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shining Jack-o-Lantern Paper Plate Craft

Happy Sunday!

With this being the Sunday before Halloween we created these paper plate Shining Jack-o-Lanterns to remind us that God shines His light through us.  It was a perfect opportunity to explain to the kids that Halloween is about fun times and use it as a teaching moment.  

To give the jack-o-lantern the 3D effect glue or staple each plate backwards (to give sort of a bubble or open area between the plates).  

Every year my students love making these Shining Jack-o-lanters. So Fun!

Paper plates are one of my favorite materials to craft with.  I usually pick them up at the dollar store to keep on hand for crafting with my students. 

paper plates
black marker
yellow card stock or construction paper
brown construction paper or cardstock
orange crayon

Glue yellow circle on paper plate opposite of face; attach/glue brown stem in place. 
Attach face with glue or staple for additional hold.

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