Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jesus Loves Children

Kindergarteners know a lot -- believe me but there are many things they don't know or understand.  Like, how can God know our every thought, know when we are sad or happy, how does He know when we make a mistake or tell a lie?  Hmm…one of the most important things I teach my class is to know that God is with us everyday --!  Morning, noon, and night.  At school, home, in the car, at the movies, riding our bike, and even when we are sleeping, yes, God is watching over us.  When we make a mistake we say we are sorry.  When we hurt someone we say we are sorry.  We try everyday to do our very best and that makes God very happy.

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One of the first things I ask them in class is what if Jesus walked into the room right now -- what would you say to Him?  What would He say to you?  Do you know He would know your name.  Yes, He would.  What do you think He would be wearing? (answers are funny), what do you think He would ask to eat? (more fun!).  Jesus Loves Children!  In fact, there was a time when He lived on earth just like you and me.  Yes, He walked everywhere (this is when I tell them that there were no bikes, skateboards, cars, airplanes, or buses).  Yes, Jesus was a kid and grew up to be a strong man.  He would walk around telling crowds of people all about God's love.  Many people would hear that Jesus would be speaking and would crowd around him.  Then I ask them if they have every gone to a concert, maybe a mall, a rodeo, somewhere where there are large groups of people.  That is what happened when Jesus would speak.  Crowds of people would come from everywhere -- yes, just to listen to Him speak.  WOW!  But you know what?
Jesus loved having all of the big people (adults) come and listen to Him speak but one day there were lots of children that came to hear Him speak and some men said:

"Go away.  Jesus is too busy!"
What did Jesus say?  What did Jesus do?
Jesus said "Let the children come to me."
Jesus smiled.
Jesus hugged the children and He blessed all of the children.

Jesus wants us to come to Him.  He wants you to talk to Him and He wants to bless you.

Image courtesy of Turn Back to God

Jesus watches over us when we sleep!

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